Online submission of Weekly Statement of Position. Ref: DOS Circular No. 05 dated 13.07.2010.

Please refer to the DBOD Circular No. 01, dated 01-01-2003, where instructions issued to banks related to submission of weekly statement of position through DB-1 format. As part of the ongoing automation in Bangladesh Bank, the format has been redesigned by incorporating

necessary changes and it has been decided that henceforth banks shall submit the information directly through online. In terms of Article 36(3) of the Bangladesh Bank Order, 1972 the following guidelines have to be followed:

2) The existing format for weekly statement of position i.e., DB-1 will be replaced by DOS WR-01(Excel format attached) where other instructions issued in the above circular will remain same.

3) All scheduled banks will upload duly filled softcopy in Excel format through BB homepage under the menu Web Upload. Hardcopy of the same signed by two responsible officials along with a forwarding letter signed by Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or equivalent must be submitted to the Department of Off-site Supervision (DOS) within 03(three) working days of the reporting Thursday.

4) The segregated data on Islamic banking branches will have to be reported along with existing practice of consolidated reporting (Conventional plus Islami shahriah based) in weekly statement of position as furnished in the Excel format.

5) Two additional statements as of 30 June and 31 December must be submitted every year in the same format excepting year end day happens to be Thursday.

6) If any bank fails to submit the returns within the directed period of time and in any return wilfully or recklessly makes a statement false or omits to state a material particular shall be punishable with fine as laid down in the Article 36(6) and 36(7) of the Bangladesh Bank Order, 1972 respectively.

7) Reporting in the new format will be effective from the weekend as of 5 August 2010.

Meanwhile, you are requested to bring the matter to the notice of all concerned at your end.

Please acknowledge receipt.

Enclosure: As above.


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