Please refer to the DCMPS CIRCULAR NO. 02 DATED 20.03.2012 regarding Implementation of National Payment Switch Bangladesh (NPSB).

Bangladesh Bank (BB) has already initiated implementation of NPSB in order to create a common platform for the card based payments, internet payments and mobile banking. The deadline to complete this work is 31.12.2012. By this time required hardware and standard software has been installed in the Data Center (DC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) site of Bangladesh Bank successfully and now the customization of switching software installation work is running in full swing.

In order to create an enabling environment for implementing NPSB in projected time limit Implementation Monitoring Committee (IMC), the steering committee of NPSB, has decided to follow the undermentioned issues –

  1. From now on Bangladesh Bank will issue BINs for local proprietary cards issued by all banks.

The format of which will be as under –

Prefix               Bank Code                                                                              BIN Range

9 (nine)           3 digit Bank Code as used in existing Routing Numbers  01 to 99 for up to 99 different products for every commercial                                                                                                                                 bank, non-bank financial institute & Bangladesh Post Office (BPO)

For example, the BIN for ABC Bank’s Debit Card and Student Card are as follows –

Product Name                                Prefix       Bank Code              BIN Range              BIN

Standard Debit Card     9              333                          01                            933301

Student Card                  9              333                          02                            933302

As the BINs for existing local proprietary cards are already in use by a huge number of bank customers, NPSB would accommodate the existing BINs along with the newly defined BINs by the BB. The old BINs of the local proprietary cards should gradually be phased out.

  1. From now on only ‘Single Message System (SMS)’ should be following for local POS transactions going through NPSB. The swiped amount in the POS should be equal to the settlement amount.

In this regards, commercial banks, non-bank financial institutions and other entities i.e. Bangladesh Post Office are requested to do the following things –

  1. Apply to Payment Systems Department of Bangladesh Bank for assigning new BIN in order to introduce new card based products from the date of issuance of this circular onward;
  2. Gradually phase out existing BINs of the local proprietary that are already in use by their system.
  3. Follow ‘Single Message System (SMS)’ for local POS transactions to ensure that the swiped amount in the POS should be equal to the settlement amount.

A compiled list of existing BINs of local proprietary cards and newly assigned BINs for the same is attached herewith for taking necessary action at your end.

Treat this as very urgent.

Please acknowledge receipt.

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