Inclusion of solar energy system for establishment of new SME/Krishi branch. Ref: BRPD Circular Letter No. 10 dated 20.06.2011.

Please refer to BRPD Circular letter No.-06, Dated November 05, 2009 on opening of SME/Agriculture branch and BRPD Circular letter No.-02, Dated February 27, 2011 regarding policy guidelines on green banking.

It has been decided that SME/Agriculture branches require to be environment friendly. The branches should be featured by the provision of the maximum use of natural light, use of renewable energy, energy saving bulbs and other equipments, reduced water and use of refined water. To implement this process new SME/Agriculture branches to be established from now on need to ensure that the solar energy system is in place with the branch and the same must be ensured in case of new branches having permission in principle. It is to be mentioned that the other terms and conditions of the said circular on opening of SME/Agriculture branch shall remain unchanged.

This instruction shall come into immediate effect.



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